Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Thank yous

My tentative list of thank yous include:

To Rocky who initially inspired this idea.  Meeting you made me thing that there should be a local romantic comedy that celebrates finding the one that completes you.

To Dekya and Aids, who initially were to be my dream team in shooting this as a short film.  I love Dek's sense of narrative and I am very excited for Aids' skill in post production.  Aids even offered his production house to handle the effects in the story.

To Prince, James, Macy, Urim, and many others, who loved the story from the moment they heard it, and are excited to see it someday shared out there.

To Lei, who offered to provide a song if this ever becomes a movie.

To Carl, who I feel might be the only one who can make a comic version of this if a short film never happens.

To any new readers, I highly recommend you check the area on the right side of the blog, for the proper links on how to read the script in the correct order.



Tobie Abad

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